March 28, 2020 

Clark Families,

I hope this letter finds you well, healthy, happy, and practicing social distancing. School closures have been extended to April 17 by Governor Gordon, and our district's goal to "flatten the curve" continues.  
State Superintendent Balow has made it clear, "Each Wyoming school district must have an Adapted Learning Plan approved by the Wyoming Department of Education prior to April 6 to continue to receive state funding.” UCSD#1's plan will be reviewed by all staff (again) in draft form on Monday, March 30, presented to the Board on Tuesday, March 31, and rolled out to all staff in final form on Wednesday, April 1. You can imagine the number of issues left to resolve, the number of questions left to be answered, and the work left to do is monumental (unprecedented)! 
Teachers have been collaborating as grade level teams, via Zoom, daily. They have been working around the clock as they prepare to educate your children from an online platform. Once the UCSD#1 Board of Trustees has approved our Adapted Learning Plan, the administration will roll it out to staff again. We will then be able to communicate more effectively with you, our Clark families and students. Stand by as we continue putting pieces together to launch our online education plan. We are excited and optimistic with this opportunity to continue to educate your children, just in a different capacity. 
Each elementary school will operate in a very similar fashion. The content being delivered in every classroom will still follow our identified priority standards, pacing guides, and agreed upon curriculum. However, each  grade level might have a little different “spin” as to how they will deliver the content to your children via Zoom and Google Classroom. Believe it or not, this will be a lot of fun! 
At times like these I hope we choose to remember that our happiness ought not be dictated by what happens to us. Rather, our happiness is determined by how we choose to act and respond to difficult and even unprecedented situations. Rest assured the teachers, special education staff, paraprofessionals, teacher aides, custodians, cooks, bus drivers and administration loves and cares about each and every one of you. If I left any other district employee out, well, I bet they love you too :-). We care deeply for your well being. We are here to help. Let us help. Let us pull together during this trying time. 
Take care of yourselves! Stay tuned for more detailed information regarding our Adapted Learning Plan after it is discussed and approved by the School Board Tuesday of next week. 
With Love, 
Principal Kimber Fessler

CHEYENNE - In light of the extension of the three existing orders by Governor Mark Gordon and the Wyoming Department of Health to keep schools closed through April 17, Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Balow has issued guidance for school districts’ safe, but continued, operation during the extended closure.
“School doors may be closed to students, but Wyoming education is open for business,” Balow said. “The desire by teachers to connect with their students and provide learning opportunities has been inspiring. Teaching and learning while practicing social distancing is a new concept for many. Teachers, parents, and students all need support in order for it to be successful.” 
Each Wyoming school district must have an Adapted Learning Plan approved by the Wyoming Department of Education prior to April 6 to continue to receive state funding. On Monday, April 6, every district is expected to continue to provide an equitable education for all students in grades
K-12 while access to school buildings is limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Adapted Learning Plans will allow each school district to deliver instruction through unique methods best suited to their district.
“We are working through immense challenges with laws, policies, practices, and logistics. The collaboration among state leaders and local districts has been incredible,” Balow said. “We are all working together to give our students the education they deserve during this trying time.”
- END -
Nurse’s News
As we are in the depths of cold and flu season I have a few reminders:
● If your child has a temperature >100 degrees PLEASE DO NOT send them to school
● They must be fever free for 24 hrs before they can return to school.
● Please do not give them medicine to mask the fever, they will still be contagious
● Wash hands a lot….and then wash them some more!! Hand washing is the most effective way to prevent
the spread of illness.
● Remind your children to Avoid touching their nose, mouth and eyes.
● Keep your environment clean. If someone has been sick be sure to sanitize door knobs, light switches and
other frequently used objects/areas.
● Vitamin C is a great immune booster to take daily.
● Help your kids Take care of their body by helping them eat healthy and exercise often
Thanks for all you do to keep your kids healthy!
Rachel Asay, RN
School Nurse