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Nurse’s News
As we are in the depths of cold and flu season I have a few reminders:
● If your child has a temperature >100 degrees PLEASE DO NOT send them to school
● They must be fever free for 24 hrs before they can return to school.
● Please do not give them medicine to mask the fever, they will still be contagious
● Wash hands a lot….and then wash them some more!! Hand washing is the most effective way to prevent
the spread of illness.
● Remind your children to Avoid touching their nose, mouth and eyes.
● Keep your environment clean. If someone has been sick be sure to sanitize door knobs, light switches and
other frequently used objects/areas.
● Vitamin C is a great immune booster to take daily.
● Help your kids Take care of their body by helping them eat healthy and exercise often
Thanks for all you do to keep your kids healthy!
Rachel Asay, RN
School Nurse