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Attendance Policy

Regular and consistent attendance by students is critical to fully take advantage of the educational program. State law makes parents responsible for their child's school attendance, and it is the responsibility of every student to keep absences to an absolute minimum. Frequent absences disrupt the education of the absent student as well as fellow students. Everyone loses when someone is not present because students learn from the discussion, views, and experiences of fellow students. We encourage parents to send their child to school every day. Please reference Wyoming State Statue - - - compulsory attendance. File JED-R revised 05/23/07

Limitation of Absences/Parent Notification


    • Ninety percent (90%) attendance is required at the elementary schools. The total member of excused and unexcused absences shall be limited to ten (10) per year. Parents should be aware that four tardies would be counted as one day of absence.
    • Parents will be notified in writing when a student has acquired five (5) absences and ten (10) absences.
    • Upon reaching ten (10) absences in the semester, the student and his/her parents will be asked to attend a conference with the principal to develop a plan for improved attendance.
    • If habitual absences continue, the Clark Elementary principal will enforce the state statue on truancy and a letter will be sent to the parents as well as the Uinta County Attorney's Office.
Absences - - Excused, Unexcused; Truancy
Parents are asked to call the Clark Elementary office (789-2833) if their child is going to miss school or is ill. If a telephone is not available, a signed and dated note on the day the child returns to school will be acceptable. School personnel will call home each time a child is not in school. Absences not excused in a timely manner by a parent telephone call of note will be considered unexcused.

An excused absence is any absence caused by illness or medical appointment, a death in the immediate family, mandated court appearances, approved religious holidays, family emergency, hospitalization, or a pre-approved family absence.

Arriving late for school
Any student arriving late for school must check in at the office for attendance, lunch count, and to obtain a classroom late pass. Parents are asked to send a note of make a telephone call to excuse a tardy. If excessive tardies affect academic performance, a conference with the building principal will be required. It is helpful to know who is at school. Students are counted absent if they arrive after 10:00 am.