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Student Council members pose for a picture with the Brain State posters after helping with our Brain State skit.

School Family Assembly

During our School Family Assembly, five student council members helped with a skit explaining the three brain states we function in according to the Conscious Discipline model. These Brain States are- Survival State, Emotional State, and Executive State. Our desire is for students to learn strategies to function in their Executive State more than their Survival and Emotional States. We are also teaching students ways they can properly manage their emotions when they find themselves in their Survival or Emotional States, such as using our Calming Stations or deep breathing exercises. Take a few minutes to watch our skit.
Reading Challenge celebration

Winter Reading Celebration

We had 92 Clark students participate in our Winter Break Reading Challenge. They all got to celebrate with a glow stick dance party today during lunch. Great job Mustangs!!


Our Mission

We ensure high levels of learning for ALL students, ALL the time. 

Our History

The first public school opened on July 8, 1870 with eight pupils. Today's enrollment averages just under 3,000. Curriculum guides for each course, subject and grade level are continuously being developed and updated by a task force of teachers and administrators. Areas of emphasis are determined by the dictates of the community, students, teachers, administrators, and sound financial management.
The goals of achieving both educational excellence and a strong competitive co-curricular program of activities go hand in hand in the Evanston School Community. Evanston athletic teams are often contenders in State play-offs. During the past few years, several athletic teams have won State Championships. The Evanston School Community boasts award winning bands and choirs, drama groups, and speech and debate teams.