Student Dress


Dress and grooming of students does affect the learning atmosphere.  Therefore, dress and grooming must be appropriate, neat and clean.  It also must be non-distractive to teachers, students, and to the ongoing learning process.  In addition to the dress policies already in place at Clark, we would like to add the following:  

  • for specific activities or classes where certain grooming or clothing may be unhealthy or hazardous, requirements may be made to maintain safety and health standards
  • shirts, buttons, patches, etc.  shall not be of a questionable nature
  • Clark Elementary students will not wear un-natural colors in their hair to class or to any school event.
  • Appropriate footwear must be worn to school for both PE and recess.   Flip-flops are not to be worn to school because they do not properly support the child’s foot.  Also, students are NOT to wear “heelies” (athletic shoes with rollers) because of safety reasons.

Amended according to Board Policy JFCA