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Immunizations, Medicines.


In compliance with Wyoming School Immunization Law and Uinta County School District Number One Board of Trustees policy, and student enrolling initially or transferring from an out-of-district school shall provide within thirty (30) calendar days a record of immunization against vaccine preventable diseases as designated by the state health authority. Students who have not received the required immunization within thirty (30) calendar days of enrollment will be excluded form school attendance. Exemptions are allowed for documented religious reasons and may be obtained only from the state or county health officer.

Administering medicines to students

In compliance with Wyoming statutes and according to accepted professional practice, the Board of Trustees of Uinta County School District Number One has established a policy regarding the administration of medication at school. The Board of Trustees in adopting this policy establishes the following:

  • Medications should be administered at home if at all possible.
  • The school will not furnish medication.
  • If medication of any type (including of the counter medication) must be taken at school, written instructions from the parent/guardian on a specific Parent Authorization to Administer Medication form will be given to the school regarding the medication, dose, frequency, and duration.
  • In addition to the above authorization form, a licensed medical practitioner shall give their written instructions to include: medication name, dosage, and time of administration for a student to receive prescription medication school.
  • The prescription must be in the container properly labeled by a pharmacist of physician. Non-prescription medication must be in the original container.
  • Any medication administered cannot exceed the recommended dosage, time interval, or directions listed on the container unless specifically ordered in writing by the physician.
  • The medication shall be kept in a locked place and records shall be kept on medications administered. The individual who administered the medication must sign the record.
  • Medication may only be administered by the school nurse, the building administrator, or professional staff member specifically designated by the building administrator.
  • Any staff member may refuse to administer any medication.
  • All medication authorization will expire on the last day of the school year in which it was executed. Medication not picked up by the last day of the school year will be discarded.
  • SPECIAL NOTE: parents are asked to instruct children not to "share medication" with friends.