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Student Handbook » General Information

General Information

Weather and Recess
The length of recess periods will be adjusted for changes in weather. On days when the temperature and /or wind chill are so low as to pose health and safety problems (generally ten degrees of lower including wind chill factor),or when it is raining heavily, students will remain indoors. Duty teachers will supervise the students in their classrooms while they participate in quiet, indoor activities set up by their teachers. Students should dress appropriately for possible weather changes.

Student Dress
Students are expected to play outside during the recesses. Parents are asked to dress their children appropriately for the often sudden and extreme Wyoming weather changes. Children's outerwear ( coats, gloves/mittens, hats boots snowsuits/pants, etc.) should be labeled to aid in the return of lost or misplaced items.

Neat, clean and appropriate is the guide to regular student dress. If a problem arises in this area, parents will be contacted. Tank top, spaghetti straps, exposed midriffs, shorts and t-shirts with inappropriate sayings on them are not allowed. Shorts should be at least the length reached by the fingertips when arms are at the side. Spandex and bicycle shorts should be worn with a shirt long enough to cover the buttocks. No hats or bandanas should be worn. Flip-flops should not be worn; supportive footwear must be worn on the playground or to PE class.

Personal Belongings
Clark Elementary does not take responsibility for children's personal items. Students should only bring items to school that are necessary as a part of the educational program. Parents are urged to label their child's coats, hats, gloves/mittens, boots, lunch boxes, backpacks, etc.

Students riding bicycles to school are requested to park them during the day. Bike racks are provided and locks are recommended. As a safety precaution, students are asked to "walk" bicycles while on school grounds.

Skateboards, skates and roller blades are not permitted at school. Students are also not to bring radio controlled cars of trucks, CD players, electronic games of I-pods. Students bringing these item to school will be asked to take them to the office for safekeeping until school is dismissed. Cell phones may be brought to school for after school use only.

Bus Students
The assigned bus driver will inform students who ride a regular bus route of behavior expectations. Parents are encouraged to discuss these expectations with their children.
Bus students are expected to take the responsibility to get on their bus as soon as the dismissal bell rings. If for some reason a student does miss the bus, he/she should report immediately to the office. Students who know in advance that they do not plan to ride the bus on a particular day should notify their driver.
If a student plans to ride the bus to the house of a friend, relative of child care giver, written permission is required before the child is allowed to board the bus.